Car sites:

Chesapeake Region AACA

classic cars UK
A fun classic car website out of the UK.

microcar museum link
This museum has a great virtual tour of their "bubble car" collection.

Interesting Museums:

Museum of making
This is a wonderful online museum that I have spent an extensive amount of time perusing.  I highly recommend watching the video tour.  The photographs of the machinery and the environs are well worth your time as well.  Enjoy, this is a fun website.

Fire Museum Link
This museum has one of America's most extensive collections of Fire Equipment.  The museum has a working Fire Telegraph system, examples of such systems as the High Pressure system, and quite a collection of early through mid 20th century motor driven apparatus.  There is a expansive archive as well.  A must see in Maryland.

Larz Anderson Auto Museum
Larz and Isabel Anderson were early collectors of automobiles.  They purchased many interesting cars in their lifetime.  By 1927 they realized the educational value of their collection and opened their massive carriage house as a museum.  Today their mansion is gone, but the carriage house stands with their collection.  Displays vary and they always include unrestored examples of the Anderons' collection.  If in Massachusetts you must see this museum.

Rough and tumble banner
This organization and their museum are located in Kinzers, Pennsylvania.   Once a year they have a Thresher's Reunion which exhibits all types of stationary engines as well as steam traction engines and more.  The members are wonderful people, one fellow even let me steer his steam traction engine at a gathering in 2005.  That was quite a thrill. lace wigs uk

This is a great museum for those with an interest in Military History.  It is the estate of Robert McCormick in Illinois.  His mansion is preserved well.  The grounds have a tank collection that one can walk around, and the First Division Museum will walk you through experiences in each war from WWI to present.  When you walk into the WWI section you walk into an authentic recreation of a WWI trench, and there are more suprises from there. blonde wigs london