If you have come to my website because Mr. H posted on a forum or told you about how Hanson mechanical screwed him on a vehicle, here is the rest of the story in brief.

1)  In spring of 2011 I took photos of and then helped a friend, Mr. Max of Virginia, in the selling of his M38A1.  Mr. Max has dialup access so I listed for him to help him out.  The vehicle was listed on ebay for Mr. Max. A buyer in Maryland said he would take it and then never followed through.  I towed the vehicle from Virginia to Maryland for that buyer and then the Jeep sat in the shops while Mr. Max tried to find another buyer.

2)  Neither I nor anyone who contracts for me did any work on the vehicle.  I know nothing about m38A1's.  It was only stored here.

3)  The ebay listing used Mr. Max's description of the Jeep as NOT a 100% restoration, but rather an, "overhaul of a well used military vehicle." The vehicle included a rebuilt engine by a reputable company, new Beachwood canvas and as far as I knew Mr. Max had spent time making sure it was authentic and all Bubbafications were removed.  Nowhere was it advertised as "showroom new".

4)  In May 2011 Mr. H contacted me regarding the vehicle and I referred him to Mr. Max for questions and arrangements.  As Mr. H wanted to use his credit card to purchase the vehicle I finally allowed him to send money to my personal (not business) paypal account as Mr. Max does not have a paypal account.  I no longer have a paypal account as Mr. H had it shut down in an attempt to get money from me.  All money paid to me went directly in the form of a check to Mr. Max.

5) Mr. Max agreed to split cost of shipping to Texas with Mr. H.  I took a half day off of my teaching job so as to load the vehicle.  Once again I did not charge and received no money for this.

6)  Since Mr. H received the vehicle he has continuously contacted me whenever he was unhappy with an answer Mr. Max gave him. (and yes, he called me from his work, so when I returned his call after he hung up, I guess it was at his workplace.) 

7)  Mr. Max offered last summer to buy back the vehicle for the purchase price but Mr. H refused.

8)  Mr. H has sought restitution through me, and has posted my website on a few forums blaming me for the problems with the vehicle.  Mr. H has repeatedly contacted me (via phone and email) threatening to sue me.

9)  At one point Mr. H declared that the engine was blown in the Jeep.  It was shipped back to Mr. Max's mechanic and then taken to the rebuilding shop.  They tore it down completely at no cost and found that there was NOTHING wrong with it.  It was then shipped back to Mr. H after being reassembled.

10)  There is alot more I could add but I do not want to include my opinions in here.  The photos listed for the sale are below.  I have been caught in the middle and Mr. H has continuously trashed my name, my shop's name, and my reputation because of a vehicle that I never worked on.  All I did was try and help a friend by listing it, and help Mr. H by allowing him to send money through paypal, and by storing and assisting with loading the vehicle for shipping.


all the best,

Eric "Merlin" Hanson

1952 M38A1