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pop sci
pop sci
May 1944 Popular Science Cover
May 1944 Popular Science article
on the Beetle and Kubelwagen
pop sci advert
Army Motors
Funny 1944 advertisement
from Popular Science
Army Motors article
by Kennedy Ward
82 and 82E parts list. (This book has
been with the car since the 1960's)
Hauptgruppe 7
Hauptgruppe 8
Hauptgruppe 8 continued
interior seats
Hauptgruppe 8 continued Hauptgruppe 8 continued

Kubel at Aberdeen that was captured at

El Amin in 1942.

 Same Kubel is in the 1944 Popular

Science article at the top of this archive.

I have been trying to track where this

Kubel went after it was tested.

Aberdeen Kubel and I.  It has been at

Aberdeen since WW2.

Lighting cast a strange green glow.

Engine with integral ether setup.

This is another WW2 capture that was

tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

11th Panzer Division Surrender.

11th Panzer Halftrack

11th Panzer Division halftrack

11th Panzer self propelled artillery