Kubel Korp Reunion 2006 
and shows through 2009

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Fort Indiantown GAP 2010

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brothers thumbnail
brothers2 thumbnail
This kubel, now owned by M. Ballas, was
also owned by Mr. Connors and Mr. Ward.
Reunited at last!  Both vehicles could have
come from the same Austrian junkyard.
hq line up thumbnail
zundapp thumbnail
The gang lines up at the boyscout HQ.
The traditional lineup at the entrance to the camp.
line up thumbnail
schwimming thumbnail
Look at the Schwimmers and Kubels going
back into the distance.
Schwimmwagens schwimming.  I swear
I heard someone shout," avast ye!"
schwimming2 thumbnail
82e and schwimmers
Happy Schwimmers and Kubel Korps.
82E looks on, didn't someone once say that
Beetles float?
dash view thumbnail
more schwimmer thumbnail
Though it eyes the Schwimmers through its
windshield, our car decides not to try its luck.
Kubel Korps members and an emerging
engine small
82e lake
Engine bay.
Dramatically posed by the lakeside.
kennedy kdf2 small
kennedy small
The cammo was done during the 1968
restoration with surplus WWII German
army paint.
Thanks to Randy Metzger for the photos of the
82E back when Kennedy Ward owned it.
snow small
snow small2
Memories of the Russian front....
Playing in the snow.
reme small
At Warwagen show with 1946 VW,
August 23, 2008 in Hagerstown, MD.
Splits and Ovals at Hagerstown show.
The 1946 and my 1943 Type 60L engine.
In the old stables at the fairground.
Deutsche classic
Posed in the Hagerstown stable again.
Deutsche Classic 2009
classic 2009
Set up at the Deutsche Classic.
Paul's '63, inspired by my 82E
Paul went with a mountain troop theme.
Paul and I with our bugs.
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Gallery Page 2