Jeep Archive:
Collected here are photos of the '44 Willys
at reenactments, shows, and during
restoration.  Enjoy!

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jeep american
assorted pictures
The Jeep prior to camoflauge.
Assorted pictures of the Jeep while
Scott Roberts owned it.
Jeep at airshow
Jeep as SAS
The Jeep at an airshow several years ago.
Scott Roberts and Ken Stoddard (at the .50).
Jeep was painted and setup for SAS.
jeep apart
Scott dismantling the Jeep, Summer, 2005.
Jeep apart!
Organization is one key to restoration.
Painting the parts.
Jeep and dingo
me and Can Para
The Jeep (in one piece again!) in the field at
the 2007 Fort Indiantown Gap reenactment.
Clockwise: Lew Merritt, Bill Max, and myself
Gap 2007.
The Jeep rescuing a Ford 2N tractor,
winter 2008
Scott Roberts on the tractor.  Success after
many rope separations!
road ready
The Jeep on a long road in Hunt Valley, MD
Jeep packed for Reading Airshow, June 2008
A hellishly hot day at Reading.  
My brain melted.....
Reading in the evening
"Cousin" Sarah driving the Jeep in my yard.
Under attack on the drive to Eisenhower
Farm, September 2008.  The Jeep drove 6
hours with no problems!!
Ike Farm
The Jeep and my 1 Can Para friends at
Eisenhower Farm, Gettysburg.
Sgt. Steich in his WWII uniform. He served in
the Pacific in Battery D from '43 to '45.